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Product Information

Rama Stainless Steel 308 L is an extra low carbon 19 Cr- 10 Ni type stainless steel electrodes which has excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion. The weld metal has higher resistance to cracking oxidation and scaling at elevated temperature up to 800˚C. The weld metal has excellent creep strength and is of radiographic quality. Suitable for welding low carbon austenitic stainless steel like AISI 304 L, 308 L and equivalent grades used for hospital apparatus, dairy equipments chemicals and fiber industries etc.

Typical weld metal Properties

C% 0.025
Mn% 1.50
Si% 0.40
Cr% 19.0
Ni% 10.0

Size and Current Range

Size in mm Length in mm Current in (Amps)
2.50 350 50-70
3.15 350 80-100
4.00 350 100-140


Suitable for joining AISI 301,302,304 and 308 Steels having 18 Cr/8 Ni. Welding of hospital apparatus, household articles, and components/equipments used in petrochemical and chemical and fertilizer industries etc.