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Product Information

Rama Cast Iron is a medium Heavy coating Graphite based Electrodes with mild Steel core wire for non machinable weld on cast iron. Steady and Quite Arc, Intimate fusion with base metal. Self detachable slag is few among many applications. Joining & repairing of cast iron parts, Repair of defective casting, joining cast iron to mild steel. Preheating is recommendation for heavy rigid section.

Typical weld metal Properties

C % 2.50
Mn% 0.65
Si% 5.00
Fe % Balance

Size and current Range

Size in mm. Length in mm Current in (Amps)
3.15 350 120-150
4.00 350 150-190


Suitable for welding of cast iron parts for all types of general reclamation or repair work and joining of cast iron to mild steel. Good color matching.