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Product Information

Rama Hard-V is an unique graphite based hard facing Electrode with pleasing operating characteristic on AC/DC depositing an air hardening weld metal which has excellent resistance to serve abrasion with moderate impact as in the case of oil expeller worms shear blades deeper teeth, draggling basket lips crusher jaws etc.

Typical weld metal Properties

C % 2.50
Mn% 1.20
Si% 0.60
Cr % 5.50

Hardeness on 3 Layers

600 BHN Approx

Size and Current Range

Size in mm. Length in mm Current in (Amps)
3.15 350 90-110
4.00 350 110-140


Suitable for the surfacing on dredger bucket lips, oil expeller worms, concrete mixture blades, scraper blades screw conveyors, cements dies rings etc. Deposit should not exceed more than 2-3 Layers.